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Week Six in Review — The hopeful turn around

The hopeful turn around of week six

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Texas Rangers Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Season record: 19-20

Week 6 Record: 6-1

Series Record: 5-7, 1 split

What a week! That 5-1, 13 strikeout loss against San Diego seems like ages ago now.

If you would’ve told me A.J. Griffin would pitch a complete game shutout to end the three game losing streak and start a six game win streak, I probably would’ve sent you a gif of Beltre and Mazara laughing hysterically. But here we are.

Rangers split the two-game series in San Diego, swept them at home, and then proceeded to sweep the A’s with the help of three come from behind wins and not one but two three-run walk-off home runs.

Is it too early to call this the turning point?

It seems as though the last few seasons, the Rangers have had a very slow April and then May players start to click.

Fun fact, here’s this week’s winning pitchers in order:







I’d say the bullpen really turned it around after the previous week being a disaster. And then Griffin being a sneaky ace... at least against San Diego.

I’m skipping over the series in SD and going straight to the home stand because that’s where the real fun began.

Now that 4-3 win against the Padres was really just a mess. Rangers scored on a wild pitch, a single, a balk, and an error. So the Padres definitely lost but did the Rangers really truly win? Who’s to say.

The next four games, the offence was there but the runs came late. But better late than never and timely hitting is everything. Thursday’s game against the Padres and Friday’s against the A’s seemed eerily similar. Down 2-1 in the 9th with a 3-run walk-off homer for the 5-2 win. It almost had that same feeling from 2013 when the Rangers swept the Angels with back-to-back-to-back walk-off home runs.

Then Saturday and Sunday, Elvis ties the game and Mazara gives them the lead.

The Rangers sure love symmetry.

While all streaks come to an end, I’m pretty hopeful that the off day won’t effect this momentum and will carry into the series against the Phillies.

With that, here’s your gifs of the week:

p.s. the rangers are in second place in the A.L West because it’s never too soon to look at standings when your team starts playing well.