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Jairo Beras pitching conversion being contemplated

The Texas Rangers are discussing having outfielder Jairo Beras convert to pitching

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Texas Rangers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Jairo Beras, Texas Rangers minor league outfielder, could become Jairo Beras, Texas Rangers minor league pitcher, according to Evan Grant. Beras, 22, pitched in relief in a blow out for the Down East Wood Ducks last night, and reportedly hit 98 mph on the radar gun despite mechanics that make him look like he’s never pitched before.

Evan quotes Jon Daniels as saying that the idea of possibly converting Beras to pitching is something that they’ve discussed in the past, and will continue to discuss. Beras was signed to a $4.5 million signing bonus because of his impressive raw power potential, but he has yet to shot that he can turn that potential into performance. He currently is sporting a .236/.288/.407 slash line for the DEWDs.

Beras doesn’t appear to be much of a prospect at this point as a position player, so taking a look at him on the mound makes sense. He has always had a big arm, and it may be that his makeup has him better suited for life as a reliever pitcher than a regular.