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Thursday Morning Links

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Texas Rangers Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Delino Deshields says he’s faster than his dad.

If Joey Gallo is Chris Davis that means Adrian Beltre is Hank Blalock and every single one of us is Josey Wales.

Injury updates are a bit like a colonoscopy... I don’t really want to think about it and any legitimate news that arises from them is the roster equivalent of butt cancer.

Martin Perez’s innovative plan to stop walking so many hitters is paying dividends.

Cole Hamels is glad that Philly traded him to Texas.

Jairo Beras of magical shifting birthday fame may be moving to pitching full time.

Oh, quit being such a tease.

Austin Bibens-Dirkx now has a major league appearance.

Cashner pitched a solid game and the rotation could just keep getting better.

Since limiting Shin Soo Choo to offering moral support from the dugout rail didn’t keep him from hurting his back, he may go back to playing in the outfield.

And we’ve gained one game on the Astros during this streak.

I think we can all be happy with last night’s win.