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Baseball America Mock Draft

Baseball America has their latest mock draft out, and has Texas taking two high school pitchers

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers have two picks in the late first round of the MLB draft this year, and in the latest mock draft out from Baseball America, the Rangers are projected to take Sam Carlson, a righthanded high school pitcher out of Minnesota, and Matt Sauer, a righthanded high school pitcher out of California, with their selections.

Texas has shown a preference for high schoolers, and taking two prep pitchers wouldn’t be surprising, even after taking a pair of high school pitchers -- Cole Ragans and Alex Speas -- with their first two picks in 2016. That said, given their love of toolsy high school outfielders, someone like Heliot Ramos or Bubba Thompson could also be an option, if they are still on the board.

I will be doing profiles of possible selections beginning next week, and we should start getting a little better feel soon of who will be in the mix for Texas.