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Week 7 Recap

Philadelphia Phillies v Texas Rangers Photo by Rick Yeatts/Getty Images

Season record: 24-21

Week 6 Record: 5-1

Series Record: 7-7, 1 split

Well eventually all good things come to an end and it was only a matter of time before the Rangers win streak did was over. I’m just happy we all got to see 10-0 in the standings before it did. Why is that so satisfying to see?

Continuing where they left off in week 6, they extended their win streak by sweeping the Phillies and ending their eight game home stand at a perfect 8-0. It’s too bad Houston couldn’t cooperate and drop a few more games last week.

Since last week I made a point in showing the winning pitchers too start the streak and only one being a starter, I thought I’d include how that changed this week:

Darvish (2)




I think the most notable part of the wins in week seven, something that was missing in those long weeks of losses, is how they were scoring. Back in week five when they were striking out a million times a game (accurate stat just trust me on it) they were scoring runs early in the game and then the bats just went cold.

(I’m writing this while watching the Sunday night game and Mazara just hit that stand up triple, just in case I forget to mention that later... it’s here.)

So the bats were cold and it seemed to be the same few people hitting in those games. The significant part of this entire win streak and week seven, everyone was contributing and they were scoring runs throughout the whole game.

Home run hitters of the week: Napoli (3), Mazara, Hoying, Rua, Gallo, Lucroy, Kozma

The Rangers scored 35 runs in the six games this week, 16 of them in the first four innings and 19 in the fifth inning on.

Every position player, except Delino, had at least one RBI this week. Which Delino isn’t a home run hitter and he’s a lead off guy so he has less opportunities overall for a RBI.

Gifs of the week

Austin Bibens-Dirkx made his debut and then pitched 4.2 one-hit baseball on Saturday. Also made this great play:

p.s. I forgot to include this gif last week