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Thursday Morning Links

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Texas Rangers
Pictured: futility.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Can you hear the Tyson train a comin’?

Jeff Banister sees a future in the lineup for Joey Gallo once Adrian Beltre returns.

Sam Dyson brand gasoline: for when you absolutely, positively have to burn that shiz to the ground.

Cole Hamels threw a baseball!

And here’s something for you because it’s never too early in the day to parse sentences.

Adrian Beltre is heading off to extended spring training.

Sam Dyson brand gasoline: it’s got what flames crave.

Well, at least Tyson Ross and Cole Hamels are progressing, increasing the number of non-Dyson pitchers available to us.

Delino Deshields has moved past his slow start.

The decision whether to stick with Martin Perez was rendered irrelevant by the bullpen anyway, of course.

Hey, at least there was some Napoli action!

Well, can Adrian Beltre pitch late inning relief? Honestly, I suspect he can.

Cole Hamels had no issues in his first throwing session.

Well, here’s a nominee for least surprising headline.

And the FWST has a reaction to last night’s loss: poop.