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24-24 - Rangers swept from a soggy Boston after 6-2 loss

The Rangers scored two runs and the Red Sox scored six runs

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The Rangers scored six runs in the game started by the 2016 AL Cy Young winner and then scored four runs off of waking nightmare Chris Sale. Tonight, Texas could only muster two runs off Drew Pomeranz and the Red Sox tonight in a game where they kept the Boston offense suppressed for much of the night. I guess that's why they call it sequencing.

Also, the Rangers struck out 20 times as a team tonight - a franchise record - but somehow were the team that stopped Chris Sale's double digit strikeout streak.

Player of the Game: Elvis Andrus hit a home run and Nomar Mazara had a couple of hits. That's pretty much the highlights.

Up Next: The Rangers head north to take on the Blue Jays in Toronto beginning with a match up between A.J. Griffin and RHP Mike Bolsinger. First pitch from Rogers Centre is scheduled for 6:07 pm CT.