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24-26 - The villains often win: Rangers fall 3-1

All runs into today's game were scored via a home run. The Rangers hit a solo home run, the Blue Jays did not.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jays are so effortlessly unlikable. The flip bats when down five runs. They call people by terrible homophobic slurs. Make gestures at the opposing dugout. Their fans throw beverages at children and opponents. They employ Josh Donaldson.

And yet, unlike the movies, in real life, the bad guys do regularly win. Today the Rangers scored a run on the first pitch of the baseball game but then did not score again. Staked to that measly 1-0 lead, Yu Darvish pitched well until the bottom of the fifth when he hung a slider to Captain Unlikable himself.

Unfortunately for Texas, the Rangers home run came on the first pitch which meant there was no one on base. When Jose Bautista went deep, there were two Blue Jays on the bags.

The Rangers also struck out 12 more times and have left 14 men on base in this series. This seems like a game that is ripe for Yu-blaming -- and the Baustia homer was a backbreaker, no doubt -- but, again, the Rangers scored on the very first pitch of the baseball game and then did nothing with the bats all afternoon except strike out a dozen times.

Player of the Game: Poor Jared Hoying nearly killed himself in this dumb game making a catch in center field where he slammed face first into the wall. You know, Lone Star Grit and whatnot.

Up Next: Andrew Cashner will pitch the finale against the Blue Jays with Texas looking to avoid a sweep. Toronto will counter with RHP Joe Biagini. First pitch is once against scheduled for 12:07 pm CT.