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11-17 - Morton leaves Rangers feeling salty

Texas does indeed get the shit beat out of it in latest loss to Astros

Pictured: An Athlete
Pictured: An Athlete
Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

By my count, there have been 51 strikeouts in the three games played this series. Wow! That's a lot of Ks. It just goes to show that in...wait, what's that? All but ten of those have been strikeouts by Rangers hitters? Oh. Ok.

That's right. The Rangers have struck out 41 times in this four game series and there is an entire nine innings to go tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the Astros have in fact struck out just ten times so far in this series including a grand total of one tonight which didn't come until the game was 10-1 with two outs in the bottom of the 8th when Carlos Correa obviously felt a pang of guilt and let Anthony Bass off the hook.

Anyhow, the Rangers lost if you were unclear.

P.S. It's worth noting that the Rangers haven't had their classic plain ol' .500 or below bad season (2014 doesn't count since it was nothing short of an enacting of the Book of Revelation) since like 2008, so, if this is one of those, we've been pretty fortunate.

Player of the Game: LOL like I watched this game

Up Next: The Rangers and Astros close out this series with I think A.J. Griffin on the mound for the Rangers against I don't know, is Scott Feldman still an Astro? First pitch is probably earlier in the day since it's a getaway game. Check your local listings.