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13-18 - Bent bullpen finally breaks as Rangers fall to M's 8-2

Tonight's game was just like last night's game except it didn't take five hours and the Rangers lost

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

If you slept through this one (and good on you if you did), you might check the box score tomorrow and see the score and think, "Dang it, Martin." You can't really blame this one on 'Teen, though. Martin Perez didn't walk anyone and struck out five Mariners in one of his better outings since returning from TJS.

With a super taxed bullpen, the Rangers tried to get Perez through the seventh and that turned out to be a disaster as the bullpen usage finally came back to bite the Rangers with the Mariners scoring seven runs in the seventh inning of a once tied game. And yet, it would be cruel to blame the bullpen.

No, the true villain of this game, as it has been for many games of late, was the offense. Somehow the Ranger bats made something called Chase De Jong seem like a competent Major League pitcher. De Jong, having come in as something of an emergency for the dozens of injured Mariners pitched, had allowed nine runs in his 7 1/3 innings as a big leaguer.

De Jong had struck out three batters and walked five in his short life in the majors. He'd also given up 12 hits and blown a save opportunity. Against the Rangers, however, De Jong walked no one in six innings allowing just four hits and one run.


Player of the Game: Joey Gallo hit a towering dong. This is increasingly becoming the only highlight of most nights.

Up Next: The Rangers and Mariners close out this series with Andrew Cashner on the mound for Texas against TBD in James Paxton's stead for Seattle. Mr. TBD, of course, will toss the game of his life. First pitch for the afternoon getaway game is scheduled for 3:10 pm CT.