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Texas Rangers MLB Draft Day Three Picks

The Rangers’ selections in Day Three of the MLB Draft

Cleveland Indians v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Today is Day Three of the MLB Draft, and there will be selections by the Rangers in each round from round 11 to round 40. I will periodically update this post with who those selections are, and whatever snippets I can find out about those selections, which probably won’t be much.

Round 11 — Obie Ricumstrict, a high school shortstop out of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. When I Google’d him, the fourth result was a story from August, 2015, that has a headline that calls him an “amazing athlete” who was being pursued in both baseball and football.

Round 12 — Joseph Jarneski, a Hilo, Hawaii, RHP who is 17 years old. He was on Hilo’s PONY League World Series championship team that beat Chinese Taipei.

Round 13 — Seth Nordlin, RHP, Gateway Community College in Arizona. He has an awesome first name. He’s the #377 prospect on BA’s top 500, with BA saying he’s a command guy who doesn’t have a plus pitch, but could be a #5 starter.

Round 14 -- Alex Eubanks, RHP from Clemson. Eubanks is a redshirt sophomore, listed at #382 on the BA top 500. He also is listed as a potential fifth starter, and like Nordlin, appears to be a command/”pound the zone” pitcher.

Round 15 -- Ricky Vanasco, a high school RHP from Williston, Florida. Vanasco is #269 on the BA top 500 list, throws low 90s, and has three below-average secondaries, per BA, though they say there’s “some upside” there.

Round 16 -- Xavier Moore, a high school RHP whose college commitment is to Ohio State.

Round 17 -- Tyler Ratliff, a third baseman from Marshall. BA had him as the #4 prospect in Conference USA coming into the season.

Round 18 -- Chris Morris, a RHP from Seton Hall. Morris was the #22 player in New Jersey in this draft, per BA. He had 37 walks and 10 HBPs against 44 Ks in 40.1 IP, so let’s just assume he throws hard.

Round 19 -- Nick Snyder, a RHP from Indian River State College. Not finding much on him. Maybe he has a fun hobby, like stamp collecting or something.

Round 20 -- Josh Advocate, a senior RHP from Cal State Long Beach. Or he may be a redshirt junior — he redshirted in 2015, anyway. He’s a reliever.

Round 21 -- Daniel Robert, a senior from Auburn. This one is interesting...he’s mostly been a 1B/RF in his college career, but the Rangers announced him as a RHP. He has pitched a total of 15 innings the past two seasons over 11 appearances for Auburn, so he does have a little time on the mound, but it is interesting they’re apparently looking at him as a pitcher rather than as a position player.

Round 22 -- Kyle Keith, RHP from Lane Community College. Keith is a 22 year old who is supposed to play for Southern Mississippi in 2018 if he doesn’t sign.

Round 23 -- Myles McKisic, a high school shortstop from American Heritage School in Florida. He turns 20 in November, so he’s old for a high schooler. He’s also listed at 5’6”, 165 lbs.

Round 24 — Brooks Wilson, RHP, Stetson University.

Round 25 — Aaron Ashby, LHP, Crowder College.

Round 26 — Jordan Fowler, LHP, Dyer County HS

Round 27 — Corey Stone, LHP, Mid-Carolina HS

Round 28 — Jacob Hilton, RHP, Heritage HS

Round 29 — Blaine Knight, RHP, a draft-eligible sophomore from the University of Arkansas.

Round 30 — Ryan Dorow, SS, Adrian College (he’s listed as a senior)

Round 31 — Griff McGarry, Menlo School (high school), RHP

Round 32 — Will Moriarty, RHP, South Oldham HS

Round 33 — Troy Newell, LHP, Jefferson College (he’s a Juco guy who turns 22 in September)

Round 34 — Edmond Americaan, CF, Chipola College.

Round 35 — Connor Higgins, LHP, Arizona State (and a draft-eligible sophomore)

Round 36 — William Jeffry, OF, Colegio Angel David high school

Round 37 — Spencer Smith, C, Northern High School

Round 38 — Mark DiLuia, RHP, Marian Catholic HS

Round 39 — Chad Bryant, RHP, Thomasville HS

Round 40 — Jordan Anderson, James Clemens HS, CF