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39-39 - Yu Darvish doesn't throw a shutout so the Rangers lost

As usual, the Rangers don't score runs when Yu Darvish pitches and therefore lost

Jason Miller/Getty Images

If Yu Darvish had just thrown a shutout, the Rangers would have won. That's because the Rangers scored just one run tonight while he was in the game. That run was a boon for Darvish, however. In his previous 14 innings on the mound, Texas had not scored a run at all.

Yu Darvish allowed two earned runs tonight, three runs total, and Texas did not win.

Texas has now lost six of the last seven games started by Darvish and have scored a combined 12 runs in the six losses (18 total in the seven games), never scoring more than three runs in any of the losses. Two of the runs came in the ninth with Texas already trailing 5-1.

Darvish didn't bring his lights out A game tonight, allowing the three runs (two earned) on seven hits but he walked just one Indians hitter and struck out six. That's good enough to win this game. Darvish has averaged allowing 2.42 runs in these last seven outings he's been on the mound. I don't know how it's even possible to lose a majority of those games. Again, the Rangers have lost six of them.

This is basically the story of Yu Darvish's entire career as a Texas Ranger. Yu Darvish wasn't perfect so the Rangers didn't win.

Player of the Game: Robinson Chirinos hit another home run. It's his fourth straight game with a dinger. It's a shame he wasn't also catching. Also, Elvis went deep again. I figure he's trying to outpace Adrian Beltre in dongs for bragging rights.

Up Next: The Rangers close out this series in Cleveland looking for a series split with Andrew Cashner returning to the rotation opposite RHP Corey Kluber for the Indians. So, you know, good luck with that.