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26-29 - Rangers can only wish rain had washed this one away

Long, dreary night in Arlington a pleasure compared to 7-1 loss to Astros

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

If you ignore the late inning barrage that came from Houston off Dillon Gee -- which you should because Dillon Gee innings mean you've pretty much already surrendered -- this game mostly came down to the Astros getting that game-detonating hit with two-outs and runners on base while the Rangers did not.

For Houston, that meant the American League Player of the Month of May Carlos Correa homering off a Yu Darvish slider with two on in a scene reminiscent of Darvish's last outing in Toronto.

For Texas, that meant the Astros shrewdly electing to pitch around Adrian Beltre to load the bases and give Dallas Keuchel Rougned Odor on a silver platter.

Considering what Keuchel does to left-handed batters, and what Rougned Odor does against left-handed pitchers (or just any pitcher in general so far this season), I can't really think of a worse matchup for the Rangers needing that big hit.

But then again, you can't just pinch hit Pete Kozma for Rougned Odor. This is a society we're living in. We're not animals.

Player of the Game: Rougned Odor. LOL Just kidding. I meant Ryan Rua. Ha Ha! Got you again. No, but for real, Dillon Gee.

Up Next: The Rangers and Astros play again tomorrow. Andrew Cashner is slated to start for Texas against RHP Lance McCullers of Houston. First pitch is scheduled for 6:15 pm CT.