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26-31 - Rangers score two unanswered! Lose 7-2

The Rangers outscored the Astros...from the fifth inning on

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

As Mother Nature teased a weather reprieve all afternoon, the Rangers were forced to go through the motions of a series sweep against Houston today.

I actually didn't start watching the game today until right before Rougned Odor's at-bat in the bottom of the fifth. Odor homered for what had to feel like a modicum of relief. Texas added a run in the bottom of the sixth. As far as I'm concerned, the Rangers won 2-0.

Player of the Game: Adrian Beltre played in this game, right? Adrian Beltre is the Player of the Game. Beltre has a hit in ever game since he's returned and is now fewer than 50 hits away from 3,000.

Up Next: The Rangers have the day off tomorrow to think about what they've done before facing the New York Mets beginning on Tuesday.