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Week 9: The one where Beltre came back

Lets focus on the positive, shall we?

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Texas Rangers Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Season record: 26-31

Week 9 Record: 1-5

Series Record: 7-11, 1 split

Want a recap of this messy week?

Me either.

So instead let’s talk about the main stars of this week Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus.

While the rest of the team had a blah week, Elvis Andrus did pretty well for himself. Both on the field and off. Not only did he get married on Thursday, on the field, he made a strong case for making it to the All Star Game.

Elvis is in the middle of a 10 game hit streak, batting .305 with a .825 OPS. The only Ranger playing better is Beltre and he’s only played in six games. Elvis went 13-for-25, a .520 avg for the week. He struck out just four times over six games, for perspective, both Odor and Mazara struck out four times in Saturday’s game against Houston. He’s also one home-run away from tying his 2016 numbers of career best 8 homers in a season. I think we found our power hitter.

And now the other bright spot of the week, Adrian Beltre. He’s played in six games so far and has a hit in every one of them. He’s also just 49 hits from the 3,000 milestone. He’s batting .391 with an OPS of 1.096, those are sustainable right?

While I was really hoping having him in the lineup would be enough to really jump start this team but I guess when they’re down, they are really down.

While I’m under no impression these Rangers are going to win the division, I’m still, admittedly so, stupidly optimistic. Until the bullpen is literally on fire, I’m not going into full panic mood and I’m still going to choose to believe they have a wild card chance, they’re just four games out.

Totally fine if you’re laughing at me right now, but hey I have to hold on to something to get me through the next four months. Until the trade deadline rolls around and JD is actually selling pieces and I get those notifications it’s happening, I’m going to hold onto the hope I have left.

Until then, I’m going to enjoy watching Adrian Beltre get closer and closer to the Hall of Fame. I”m going to enjoy watching Elvis Andrus play his butt off into the All Star Game. I’m going to enjoy watching Gallo crush some balls. I’ll also most definitely enjoy watching Claudio pitch while looking like he belongs in Land Before Time.