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45-46 - Another Yu Darvish start, another weird and dumb low-scoring Rangers loss

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The Rangers have won just one game started by Yu Darvish since May 21 despite Darvish allowing more than three runs in just two of them

MLB: Texas Rangers at Kansas City Royals Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

I’m going to ignore the Yu Darvish allows two earned runs and the Rangers lose aspect of this game while idiots on Twitter blame him since I get the pleasure of writing about it every five days.

Instead, let’s focus on this: MLB worst OPS leader Alcides Escobar in this series:

Game 1: Home run

Game 2: A walk (his seventh of the year)

Game: A game best 3-for-4 afternoon.

Drew Robinson and Mike Napoli, two curious inclusions in the lineup against a right-hander, each blasted solo homers because Yu Darvish starts can’t not be weird.

Jason Grilli was the afternoon’s loser after loading the bases in a 3-3 game to face the Royals only good hitter. Lorenzo Cain hit a two-out fly to right field and Shin-Soo Choo dropped it because Yu Darvish pitched.

I’m sorry, Yu Darvish. Please know that I still love you.

Player of the Game: Let’s give Alex Claudio a round of applause for tossing an airtight eight-pitch inning of relief on his third outing in three days.

Up Next: Yu Darvish won’t be pitching tomorrow so the Rangers have a shot in their first look at the Baltimore Orioles in 2017. I don’t know or care who is pitching or when the game will start.