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45-47 - Rangers find some way to score just one run against O’s at Camden, lose

Texas remains cold at the plate after the break in 3-1 loss to Baltimore

Texas Rangers v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Andrew Cashner got treated to a Yu Darvish special today as Texas managed all of one run on three hits before the Orioles finally got to Cashner for runs in the sixth and seventh.

There’s really nothing much good to say about this game. The Orioles lead the league in runs allowed. The Rangers don’t care. Camden Yards is nice place to score runs. The Rangers disagree. In addition to failing at the plate, the gloves continued to embarrass on various plays that led to runs.

I’ll be honest, I slept through most of this game because I had a migraine and woke up to see the Rangers had a 1-0 lead before falling back asleep until the top of the seventh inning.

I awoke bummed to see the game was tied but happy because it was an anxiety dream that the Rangers were trailing 4-1 in the ninth and I hadn’t started the PGT that woke me up.

Then I watched it basically come true.

So, either I see the future in my dreams or I just understand these Rangers on a deep, uncomfortable level.

Player of the Game: The winning pitcher was Richard Bleier a blast-from-the-past former Rangers farmhand that had one of the best nicknames the LSB community ever came up with: Richard the Bleierhearted.

Also, two of the Rangers three hits came off the bat of Adrian Beltre because, as you know, Adrian Beltre is better than everyone else.

Up Next: The Rangers will try to see if they can score more than one run off RHP Dylan Bundy and the Orioles in the second game of this series. Tyson Ross will make the start for Texas. First pitch is scheduled for 6:05 pm CT.