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45-48 - Rangers plate leadoff run! Get outscored 12-0 afterward

Rangers hang OPEN FOR BUSINESS sign with lackluster blowout loss to Baltimore

MLB: Texas Rangers at Baltimore Orioles Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve been pretty anti-sell, anti-buy, pro-standpat because the American League is garbage and I figured the Rangers could get healthy and make some noise in October.

Nothing has made me question this stance like the exact moment Carlos Gomez Jose Canseco’d a Chris Davis fly ball at the fence into a two-run home run to make a 2-1 game 4-1 with no outs in the top of the first.

So, if Cole Hamels ends up a Dodger or Yu Darvish ends up a Yankee or if Jonathan Lucroy ends up, I don’t know, homeless? So be it. Maybe the Indians need that Mike Napoli clubhouse magic again, why not? Hell, trade Gomez back to the Astros.

If Adrian Beltre goes to JD and says, “I want that ring, boss.” Send him to Boston and let him get that ring. Adrian Beltre is more important than the Texas Rangers.

Player of the Game: Shin-Soo Choo hit a home run to lead off the game! Boy that must have been a nice sigh of relief for an offense that had been struggling.

Up Next: The Rangers will perform their next kind act of making Kevin Gausman feel better about his terrible season while Martin Perez eventually gives up four runs in an inning where he gets two quick outs and then Rougned Odor boots a ball or something. First pitch is at 6:05 pm CT!