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40-42 - Rangers reshuffled bullpen still can’t draw the nuts

Staked with yet another late lead, it was Jose Leclerc who blew it this time

Texas Rangers v Chicago White Sox Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

The Rangers won four games on this ten games in ten days road trip. In one of the losses, the Rangers held a one run lead in the 9th. In another, they led 9-2 in the middle innings. In another, they held a two run lead in the 9th. In another, today, they were up a run with two outs in the eight.

The Rangers could have easily gone 8-2 on this road trip. They went 4-6. Kind of feels like the story of the 2017 Rangers, really.

Player of the Game: Mike Napoli hit a home run. Robinson Chirinos scored on the first stolen base of his career because of two errant throws by the White Sox.

But I would like to highlight the Play of the Game by Adrian Beltre.

A fantastic double play Adrian Beltre turned in the bottom of the third with the bases loaded and Chicago freshly up 4-1 and threatening to end Tyson Ross’ day early was the difference between an early blowout and a possible win until the bullpen blew it again.

Up Next: The Rangers return to Arlington to play more Sox, this of the Red variety, in what will be the final series for the Rangers before getting a day off after 20 straight games. Martin Perez will face Rick Porcello in the opener which is set for a 7:05 first pitch.