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Week 16: The one with a bad sweep and a good sweep

Things were bad, then things were good

Texas Rangers v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Season record: 48-50

Week 16 Record: 3-4

Series Record: 14-15, 3 splits

Because baseball loves to continuously prove how weird it is, the Rangers started off the week getting swept by Baltimore in four games and then ended it with a three game sweep of the Rays.

In the Baltimore series the Rangers couldn’t seem to hold a lead and in the Tampa series when it looked like they were probably, most definitely, out of the game, they took it out from under the Rays.

With a one-run 1-0 lead in both the first and second game against Baltimore (granted, the second game they only had that lead for half an inning) and then a 5-4 lead going into the sixth, they couldn’t hold onto any of those leads. Losing 3-1, 12-1, and 7-9. They lost the third game 10-2 but never even had the lead in that.

In the first two games against Tampa the Rangers were down 3-1 and managed to win both 4-3. The final game the Rangers were down 5-3 before scoring three in the eighth to take the sweep.

Elvis is now tied in team home runs at 13 with Gomez and has 53 RBI, four less than Mazara who has the team lead.

Beltre is just 11 hits from 3,000.

This week started with early leads and ended with late inning comebacks. Let’s hope they bring what ever spark they found in Tampa back to Texas.

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