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Adrian Beltre 3K Moments: OH S*%T!

Counting down our top ten Beltre moments as Beltre counts down to 3,000

MLB: Texas Rangers at Kansas City Royals Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

With Adrian Beltre just ten hits from 3K, here’s a look back at ten of our favorite Adrian Beltre moments and antics. We’ll post a new one with each hit as we count down to 3,000!

For hit No. 2990:

The crowd acoustics at the Big A are weird. It’s not out of the question to hear individual conversations or chants from fans behind the plate or dugouts even though the Angels draw well and usually a large crow drowns out a few voices.

On one mid-August night, back in 2011, the Rangers were playing the Angels back when the Rangers vs the Angels meant something and the mic was spicy. in the Rangers’ dugout. You could hear the players cheering on their teammates all night. The loudest voice? Adrian Beltre.

Maybe it was the fact that the Angels cheapskate’d out on Beltre when he was a free agent that previous winter despite his offseason home being just down the road.

Maybe seeing the Angels fall five games back of Texas with Alberto Callaspo manning third base triggered a primal point of pride.

Maybe it was because Beltre was on the DL at the time so he was forced to watch the game and play cheerleader from the bench and for a person who loves playing baseball more than anything else, perhaps he held a lot of pent up energy.

Maybe his expletive was simply because Nelson Cruz slaughtered a long dong to the short pole in left, but whatever the reason, you could hear Beltre’s ebullient “OH SHIT!” clear as day on the telecast.

One batter later, former Angel Mike Napoli hit a solo shot to center and Beltre lost his dang mind shouting “OH SHIT!”

If Beltre wasn’t already your favorite Ranger, he moved up the list a little that night as his profane exclamation matched our own.

It was but a brief taste of many brilliant Adrian Beltre moments to come.