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Texas Rangers rumors: Yu Darvish could be moved

Jerry Crasnick says Jon Daniels is telling teams he’s ready to move Yu Darvish for the right return

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Texas Rangers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers rumors: Yu Darvish is on the market. Maybe.

Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish has been the subject of ongoing “will he or won’t he” speculation, with conflicting reports having circulated about whether Rangers g.m. Jon Daniels would be dealing his ace.

In the latest development, Jerry Crasnick says today that Jon Daniels is telling teams that he is willing to move Yu for the right price.

Now, in a way, this is not really news...ultimately, every player in the league can be had for the “right price.”

Still, with the trade deadline six days away, this is the clearest sign that Daniels has given that he is willing to deal Darvish, who can become a free agent at the end of the season. And this may very well be about getting teams to shift from general expressions of interest to more concrete proposals.

Darvish starts on Wednesday, and almost certainly won’t be dealt before then. He might not be dealt after that. Jon Daniels is likely fine with holding Darvish and letting things play out the last two months, if he doesn’t get a hefty package in return.

But this appears to be JD inviting teams to get firmer in what they are willing to offer, and with Crasnick mentioning the Dodgers, the Yankees, the Cubs and the Astros as teams who have been watching Yu lately, it could also be an attempt to stir up a bidding war.