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MLB Trade Rumors: Yu Darvish no trade list

Texas Rangers starter Yu Darvish has a ten team no-trade clause, which includes the BoSox and the Cubs

Oakland Athletics v Texas Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

MLB Trade Rumors: Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish has been the subject of trade rumors of late, but he also has a ten team no-trade clause. The teams on the list had been a mystery, but Ken Rosenthal reports today that the teams on the list are:



Chicago Cubs



Chicago White Sox





The two teams on the list that have been speculated to be a possible fit for a Darvish trade are Boston and the Cubs. However, neither seems to have the pieces that would be necessary for Jon Daniels to pull the trigger on a deal — the Cubs moved out prime pieces already in dealing for Jose Quintana, while the BoSox have a similar dearth after the Chris Sale deal. The Cubs would likely have to move one of their major league outfielders -- Ian Happ, Albert Almora or Kyle Schwarber — to do a deal with the Rangers, while Boston would likely need to part with newly-promoted Rafael Devers. Neither scenario appears likely.

In the meantime, the Dodgers and Yankees, two of the teams seen as the most likely possible landing spots for Darvish, are not on the list. Neither is Houston, who Jerry Crasnick writes could seek to acquire Darvish to fortify their rotation for the playoffs.

This is moot if the Rangers opt not to sell, or if Daniels’ asking price scares off all possible trade partners anyway. The projections still have the Rangers at around a 20% chance of getting into the Wild Card game, and moving Darvish would be waving a white flag on the season.

Still, it is certainly possible that tonight is Darvish’s last start for the Rangers. Watch it, and enjoy it, just in case.