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No Fun League: Adrian Beltre ejected for waiting on deck

Adrian Beltre is ejected for having a laugh

MLB: Houston Astros at Texas Rangers Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, in the eighth inning of a Marlins 20+ run blowout in progress against the Rangers, with Adrian Beltre chasing 3,000 hits, umpire Gerry Davis ejected Beltre for...well, waiting for his turn to hit.

Beltre stands a bit far from the traditional on-deck circle as has been noted many times through the years and it has never been an issue. For some reason, in a 22-8 game, it became an issue for Davis as Beltre was due to hit next working on a 3-for-3 game.

The three hits gave Beltre 2,996 for his career as he tries to collect his historic 3,000th hit before the end of this homestand.

Since David decided enforcing a rule no one enforces was more important than Adrian Beltre getting a crack at hit No. 2997, Beltre pulled a classic Beltre jape and pulled the on-deck circle graphic closer to where he was standing rather than moving.

In fear of appearing impotent in front of his peers and the fans that came out to see him, Davis ejected Beltre from the game instead of laughing along with him.

You know, this is just what this sport that many call boring needs. More ump shows, less personality and fun and living legends!