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Adrian Beltre 3K Moments: Nobody does it better

No one charges a bunt down the line quite like, or quite as well as Adrian Beltre

Oakland Athletics v Texas Rangers Photo by Rick Yeatts/Getty Images

With a double in the seventh inning against the Marlins on Wednesday night, Adrian Beltre is just four hits from 3K, here’s a look back at ten of our favorite Adrian Beltre moments and antics. We’ll post a new one with each hit as we count down to 3,000!

For hit No. 2996:

If there’s one play that could be considered Adrian Beltre’s signature — besides hitting home runs for one knee — it would be charging a bunted ball and bare-hand throwing the runner out from any and all impossible angles.

Every third baseman has this play in their bag of tricks but nobody makes the play better, more often, or with more flourish than Adrian Beltre.

Let’s watch:

That’s Drew Stubbs laying down a pretty decent bunt that’s still hopping when it reaches Beltre and Beltre guns him down.

Stubbs has played for the Rangers since this highlight and we know he exists in the world of baseball because he can run fast. You can’t out-run Beltre’s slingshot, however.

That’s Jonathan Villar, an excellent baserunner who had 62 stolen bases last season, thinking he had an easy base hit on a bunt attempt. Whoops.

My theory on why Beltre is so good at this play, and why it is his signature, is his “normal” throw is already so unorthodox.

Footwork is key for an infielder. Fielders are usually taught to step toward the base they’re throwing to before making a comfortable, accurate throw.

Beltre, as seen above, takes a wide stance and just kind of whips the ball sidearm to the base. His unusual usual throw almost mimics the throw he makes on a bunt to a lesser extreme.

So what happens when you bunt on Adrian Beltre?

It doesn’t matter if your bunt is perfect, Adrian Beltre is going to get you.

Finally, here’s one more highlight for you to enjoy. If you do anything today, what this video:

Adrian Beltre fields this ball closer to home plate than third base, on the line, and nails a swift runner at first. It’s honestly one of the most impossible plays I’ve ever seen. Just fielding the ball seemed unlikely but coupling with the throw makes for the quintessential signature Adrian Beltre play.