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Texas Rangers rumors: Yu Darvish tipping pitches?

Jeff Passan says Yu Darvish was tipping pitches in his last start

MLB: Miami Marlins at Texas Rangers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers rumors: Yu Darvish was tipping his pitches in his start against Miami, per Jeff Passan, who tweets that “two scouts and an executive” say Darvish would pause when throwing his fastball.

If the Marlins knew whether or not Darvish would be throwing a fastball, it would make it a lot easier for their hitters, and would help explain the 10 run explosion Miami had, which is the most runs Darvish has allowed in a game in his career. Evan Grant wrote a week ago that the Rangers thought he had been tipping pitches, and had fixed the problem in a side session, but apparently the fix didn’t take.

One can reasonably wonder whether this is something that has cropped up in the past with Yu — for example, against Toronto in the ALDS, when he seemed to be cruising before the Jays jumped out several pitches for home runs. This is also something that has to be a concern at a time when Yu is reportedly being shopped, as teams are going to have to factor this into their evaluations, and determine whether they can fix the problem (when the Rangers have apparently tried, and failed, once before).