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Week 17: The one where history was made

Adrian Beltre got #3000, Pudge was inducted into the Hall of Fame, and nothing else really matters

Baltimore Orioles v Texas Rangers Photo by Rick Yeatts/Getty Images

Season record: 50-54

Week 17 Record: 2-4

Series Record: 14-17, 3 splits

(none of the stats above really matters, ok?)

This weekly is going to focus entirely on Adrian Beltre and Pudge. The Rangers’ newest first ballot Hall of Famer and the future first ballot Hall of Famer.

On Sunday, Pudge was set to be officially inducted into the HOF. The time for his speech, set for about the same time Beltre would take his first at bat of the day and potentially seal his fate in history.

Instead, Beltre took his first at-bat and struck out. Moments later, Pudge began his speech. What was said to only run eight minutes, went almost 30. He finished just moments before Beltre’s second at-bat.

The at-bat that would become a part of history and thus proving Adrian Beltre is indeed a baseball legend.

Beltre hit a double down the third base line to collect his 3,000th hit, becoming only the 31st player in history to get to achieve such a feat and the first Dominican-born.

Only the third player ever who primarily plays third baseman.

It seemed like for once the baseball gods were on our side and allowed us to witness both moments and truly enjoy each.

Pudge, only the second catcher to ever get in on the first ballot, completing his speech just before Beltre’s milestone hit, almost seemed like magic. To watch one fan favorite become an official baseball legend with his plaque to forever be seen in Cooperstown to see another just further prove he should be there too, that’s a moment, a day, and event I’m never going to forget.

Let us also never forget the moment this week where Beltre reminded us it’s possible to love him more.

smart ass beltre is my favorite