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MLB Trade Rumors: Yu Darvish trade talk still ongoing

The Dodgers and the Indians appear to be the two teams most involved in trade talks for Yu Darvish

Texas Rangers v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

MLB Trade Rumors: Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish could be traded today, and the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Cleveland Indians appear to be the teams most involved in trade talks, with the New York Yankees also lurking, with Darvish as a backup plan if they can’t land Sonny Gray.

Ken Rosenthal has an update on the Darvish situation, saying that the Rangers get that they won’t land Walker Buehler from the Dodgers, and that they “are not as high” on the prospects the Dodgers are willing to move. Rosenthal says the team also hasn’t talked to Darvish about waiving his no-trade clause to go to Cleveland, where he can veto a deal.

Jon Heyman says the Dodgers and Rangers are currently “at an impasse,” and that the Dodgers love its prospects, making it harder to get them to part with what the Rangers would want in a deal.

Meanwhile, Jim Bowden says that the Rangers and Indians have talked about a “Yu Darvish for Francisco Mejia type deal” which...well, if the Indians are willing to part with Mejia, their elite AA catching prospect, for Darvish, that would seem to be the best offer out there.

In the meantime, it is six and half hours away from resolution, so we will know one way or the other this afternoon.