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Independence Day Texas Rangers Update


Minnesota Twins v Texas Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Good morning. Have you voted for Elvis Andrus today?

If you haven’t voted for Elvis, Sam Butler tells you how you can: #ElectElvis!

Cliff Corcoran looks at the Final Vote contenders and even though he pretends Logan Morrison is good at all for some reason, he thinks you should Vote For Elvis.

Oh yeah, also, as Levi Weaver explains, the Rangers lost a game to the Red Sox last night.

Butler recaps the loss which saw the Rangers storm back from 5-2 down in the late innings only to lose in 11.

Jeff Wilson reacts to the loss where, hey, at least the bullpen wasn’t really the culprit this time for the most part, right?

New bullpen member Jason Grilli pitched a scoreless inning of relief in his first game with the Rangers since 2009 and Evan Grant writes that he’s a part of what’s been missing.

Rangers Internet was in a titter yesterday over this piece over at Fangraphs from Travis Sawchik on Jonathan Lucroy and the Disastrous Decline where Lucroy seemed to fail to understand that he himself is the constant of his woes, not the variable.

As such, Grant writes that Lucroy understands that he could be dealt by the Rangers and addressed some of the comments from the Fangraphs article that made it seem like he was throwing the pitching staff under the bus.

Despite the bullpen looking a bit better last night, Kevin Sherrington ain’t buying this no roles thing.

David Sessions previews tonight’s contest between the Rangers and Red Sox on the most basebally of holidays with Yu Darvish pitching against David Price.

And, finally, Wilson writes that Grilli and Ernesto Frieri are teammates now but they’ve had a much more bizarre encounter in recent years.

Have a nice birthday, America.