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43-45 - It happened again. Rangers lose finale 3-0.

Yu Darvish deserves better than this and that’s why he’s heading to Miami and the rest of the team is going home

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Texas Rangers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It happened again. Remember all those feel goods from the last few days when the Rangers trounced the Red Sox and Angels by scoring 23 runs and moving back within .500 and nearing a Wild Card spot?

Well screw those happy thoughts and screw the Rangers.

I’m sick of having to write this post game. It’s the same damn thing ever five days. The Rangers scored 23 runs the last three games and could only muster two HITS with Yu Darvish on the mound.

Here are these stupid numbers again because this keeps happening: In seven of his last nine starts, Yu Darvish has exited the game with the Rangers having scored one or fewer runs of support. In four of those games, including today’s stupid game, they scored zero runs.

What the fuck is wrong with this team?

Player of the Game: Yu Darvish allowed three hits! Three! He allowed a solo home run in the first inning to a guy who has hit more home runs than all but eight people in the history of this sport.

So, sure, Darvish gave up an early run. By the third inning of each of the last three games, the Rangers had scored 3, 8, and 3 runs.

The second hit also came around to score because of course. Ben Revere’s bloop one-out single became a sac fly run after a stolen bases and an impromptu Keystone Cops routine by the defense on a pickoff attempt.

The third hit of the game was a fly ball to right that Shin-Soo Choo laughably misplayed. This ended Darvish’s day.

Darvish pitched 7 13 tough as balls innings in a day game in Arlington in July and the Rangers didn’t score a single damn run off a reliever-turned-starter with a 7.16 ERA since the start of June. Fuck, man.

Up Next: The All-Star Break. There will be no Rangers in Miami except for Yu Darvish because the rest of them suck and I hate them (Elvis and Adrian Beltre excluded).