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Thursday Morning Links


MLB: Texas Rangers at Minnesota Twins Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The Rangers starter Sunday will be “?,” with “:(“ or “:/” being possibilities.

Just because the Rangers are terrible doesn’t mean they’ll be terrible for a long time.

Martin Perez and Joey Gallo were just groovy yesterday.

Joey Gallo has gone bonkers since the All Star break, crediting a conscious effort to use the opposite field and the undying magic of zombie Blalock’s superfluous rib.

Nick Martinez has been optioned to AAA so that he can continue pitching in a starting role.

Later this month, the Rangers will be sporting jerseys with their nicknames on them because “marketing!”

Joey Votto and Shin Soo Choo will both be sporting the nickname “Tokki” on their jerseys because of a long complicated reason.

Martin Perez has maybe fixed his mechanics.