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Gallo hitting fifth, Napoli and Odor dropped

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Joey Gallo is in the middle of the order, and Mike Napoli and Rougned Odor are at the bottom today

Texas Rangers v New York Mets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers start a home series today against the Houston Astros, and Jeff Banister is opting to keep Joey Gallo, who hit fifth on Wednesday, in the #5 spot today, while Rougned Odor and Mike Napoli have been dropped.

The lineup:

Choo — DH

Elvis — SS

Mazara — RF

Beltre — 3B

Gallo — LF

Gomez — CF

Odor — 2B

Napoli — 1B

Chirinos — C

Cole Hamels goes up against Charlie Morton.