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Ian Kinsler is not an Angel Hernandez fan

Ian Kinsler was ejected by Angel Hernandez yesterday, and had very critical comments about him today

Detroit Tigers v Texas Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Ian Kinsler...not an Angel Hernandez fan.

Longtime readers of Lone Star Ball are well aware that I don’t need much of an excuse to talk about Ian Kinsler, one of my all-time favorite Texas Rangers players. Even though Kinsler was shipped to the Detroit Tigers in November, 2013, for Prince Fielder (in arguably Jon Daniels’ worst trade ever), I’m still a Kinsler fan and still root for him.

One of the things about Kinsler that can make you like him or hate him is that he doesn’t hide how he’s feeling. Like Joey Gallo, he’s extremely expressive, and when he’s unhappy -- about an at bat, a play, an umpire’s call — you know. That led to some fans complaining about him “pouting,” but he simply didn’t seem to care how he came across. And that also seemed to carry over with the media...during his time in Texas, he was known to be, at best, “prickly,” with the media, and at worst...well, at worst in his dealings with the press you could take away the l-y.

In any case, Kinsler, in last night’s game against the Rangers, was unhappy with a called strike by home plate umpire Angel Hernandez. He apparently said something. Next pitch was a ball, and he apparently said something else. Presumably pissy or sarcastic, given that he was immediate ejected by Hernandez.

Today, Kinsler...well, Kinsler went off:

So...I’m expecting a suspension to be announced for Kinsler tomorrow. His team is out of the playoff hunt so he probably doesn’t care as much as he would if they were fighting for the postseason.

But regardless...this is about as HAM as I can recall a player going on an umpire in recent years.