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58-60 - Winning > Losing: Rangers beat Tigers 10-4

Joey and Rougie help Rangers secure a series win against the Detroit Tigers

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Texas Rangers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

You know what’s fun? Winning baseball games is fun. Joey Gallo hitting dingers to Uranus is fun. A.J. Griffin spinning curveballs for strikes is fun. Getting back-to-back jacks from Gallo and Mike Napoli off Justin Verlander is fun.

What’s really, really fun is when Rougned Odor is causing chaos on the bases that makes teams and fans of the opposition want to pull their hair out.

We saw it in the 2015 ALDS, we saw it last night, and we saw it tonight when Rougie drew a ten-pitch walk (!), stole second base, moved to third on an error on the stolen base throw, and scored on a straight steal of home (that was ruled a balk but come on that was a steal of home, dammit!)

The most fun of all is when the Angels lose and the Rangers win and the Rangers move within two games of a Wild Card spot like tonight.

Player of the Game: Joey Gallo murdered a baseball in front of its friends and family with a two-run shot to Josh Hamilton Land in the upper deck portion nearest center field. The blast gave the Rangers a 4-1 lead that’s never really look back from. Gallo was also intentionally walked for the first time all year. I get the feeling that won’t be the last time.

Up Next: The Rangers close out this series against the Tigers looking for a sweep with Cole Hamels on the mound against RHP Anibal Sanchez. First pitch for the finale is scheduled for 7:05 pm CT.