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Umpires wearing wristbands to protest Ian Kinsler

The umpires union says its members will be wearing white wristbands in protest until Ian Kinsler is suspended

Detroit Tigers v Texas Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Ian Kinsler and umpire Angel Hernandez went at it earlier this week when the Detroit Tigers and the Texas Rangers played in Arlington. Kinsler was ejected for mouthing off at Hernandez, and the next day, he had some choice words about how bad Hernandez is at his job. MLB fined Kinsler for his criticism, but did not suspend him.

Umpires are apparently unhappy about no suspension, and their union has announced that the umpires will be wearing white wristbands in protest of the decision until such time as Kinsler is suspended. They also issued a statement on the issue.

This is an unusually public move by the umpires’ union. I expected that Kinsler would get suspended for his remarks, and I can understand why the union is unhappy he wasn’t. Still, I can’t see MLB backing down and suspending Kinsler in response to this.