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Week 20: The one with blood, sweat and tears

Where the Rangers got back into the Wild Card hunt

Chicago White Sox v Texas Rangers Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

(Forgive me for missing last week, I was sick. The Rangers split two games with the Mets and took 2 of 3 from the Astros. Boom. Week 19, done.)

Season record: 61-62

Week 20 Record: 5-2

Series Record: 16-18, 6 splits

Did you see Sunday’s game? Then you know what I’m referring to and where the blood part comes into the week. Matt Bush’s head broke Joey Gallo’s face. Well not his whole face but it looked pretty bad on impact.

And then we were given hope of a comeback win just to fall short. Even after four of their five wins this week were after the other team gained a lead early.

At least they were 7-3 on the home stand though.

Rangers now have seven players with 15+ homers. One of them is Elvis Andrus.

Power hitter Elvis Andrus.

They swept the Tigers this week and if you missed it, Kinsler was ejected and told Angel Hernandez he sucked as is job ( which is accurate) but he used some more colorful words to really make his point. And the umpires would not stand for that... with white wristbands because that’ll really get people to take you seriously.

It lasted one day.

(That was the tears part of the week.)

ANYWAY. The rest of this is all sweat. Because it’s freaking hot in Texas and the Rangers don’t have a roof. Yet.

Rangers scored 6+ runs in every win this week, and five runs total in their two losses. They outscored their opponents 59-34 and their opponent never scored double digits while they did three times.

They did lose the season series to the Chicago White Sox... but whatever, they’ll still make it to playoffs. Because Michael Young says so.