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62-63 - Texas had opportunity to move above .500, you’ll never believe what happened next

For like the fourth time this month, the Rangers failed to climb above .500 after 10-1 loss in Anaheim

MLB: Texas Rangers at Los Angeles Angels Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Tyson Ross Tyson Ross’d and Ricky Nolasco Ricky Nolasco’d but Tyson Ross’ Tyson Rossing was as Tyson Rossable as possible to the tune of 98 pitches in less than four innings of work.

Ricky Nolasco lasted no more than 4 23 innings in his 101 pitches and that’s how we got to watch a game of baseball that ended the day after it started.

The difference between Ross and Nolasco was the fact that Ross eventually broke after allowing seven hits and four walks in his 3 23 innings whereas Nolasco bent but didn’t break even though he allowed five hits and walked three.

Of course, getting to this Rangers bullpen early has to have opponent lineups licking their lips in anticipation. Tonight, the Angels scored seven runs off the depleted depths of the Texas relief staff.

And so, for the 100th time since the start of the second half, the Rangers failed to return to above .500 baseball.

Player of the Game: At least Nick Gardewine got to make his MLB debut in such a terrific and memorable game of baseball. Gardewine also allowed a three-run home run to his favorite player growing up, Albert Pujols, so congratulations to him.

Up Next: The Rangers and Angels play again later tonight with Andrew Cashner set to pitch for Texas against LHP Andrew Heaney. First pitch is scheduled for 9:07 pm CT.