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Thursday Morning Links


MLB: Texas Rangers at Los Angeles Angels Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Remember Tanner Scheppers? Well, I didn’t.

Joe Klein, the Rangers general manager who almost acquired Dave Stewart and Orel Hershiser, has passed away.

Joey Gallo is ready to get back to smashing massive dongs.

Colorado and Texas have completed the Lucroy trade, with young Pedro Gonzalez coming over to the complete the deal.

The Rangers are having to choose between the Scylla of Tyson Ross and the Charybdis of everyone else.

Are the Rangers going to finally see .500 in their rear-view mirror?

With no one firmly seizing the wild card spot, the Rangers may just jackal a playoff spot.

Gallo had an encouraging workout yesterday.

Robinson Chirinos came up big in yesterday’s win.

Annnnnnddddd.... we will return to our regularly scheduled mediocrity after these messages.