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Rangers to play series against Astros in Tampa Bay

The Rangers and Astros will play in the baseball dungeon in Florida instead of The Ballpark for some (the Ryans) reason

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Rangers were supposed to go to Houston to play a series against the Astros beginning tomorrow night but then Hurricane Harvey happened and now Houston is under water.

MLB decided the best recourse was to move the series to St. Petersburg even though there’s a perfectly fine, beautiful stadium down the road from where the Astros are currently staying.

MLB, the Astros, and the Rangers could have just said “due to weather concerns in Arlington we’re moving to a neutral site.” Instead, Reid Ryan decided to throw Jon Daniels under the bus for a difficult decision for everyone on a matter of very little to zero importance. A classic Astros move.

Obviously the Astros would have been the home team at The Ballpark insofar as they would have hit in the bottom of the inning, worn their home white uniforms, and taken the gate. Their fans in the area could have had a brief reprieve from their worries and I’d imagine even the Rangers fans would have given them some love.

It actually could a been a very lovely scene of Texas coming together in Arlington where both teams are currently staying. But alas...

So, if you’re wondering why the Rangers didn’t just kowtow to Houston’s ask of switching series — which, obviously would have been an elegant solution? Texas moving their series to Houston in late September would put them on the road for an untenable 13 days when, yes, despite all odds, they are actually still trying to make the playoffs.

Look, the Rangers didn’t cause this storm. The Astros were already here. And the show must go on as we now know. The only team trying to get a competitive, financial, and operations advantage here was the Astros when it became clear that this series was going to have to be played somewhere other than Houston and they still refused a sweetheart deal to be the home team in Texas and then complained about it to the press like the Rangers are villains here.

So, for no reason that I can understand, the Astros are making the Rangers’ players and their players fly out to Florida for three days to play a series.

The Astros don’t need help. They’ll be fine off in Florida. Help Houston, instead.