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Tuesday Morning Links

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Texas Rangers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

I guess first things first, let’s get out a few links about the various reactions and opinions on the Rangers Astros series moving to Tampa Bay this week because the Rangers declined to do a series swap with the Astros in late September.

Evan Grant writes that swapping the series isn’t as simple as it sounds.

The Rangers provided a counter to an ‘inaccurate portrayal’ in Stefan Stevenson’s article.’s Brian McTaggert describes the situation and notes that the Houston Astros, the Texas Rangers and the MLB and MLBPA will be making substantial donations to aid relief efforts.

Lance McCullers’ reaction on twitter was typical Lance McCullers.

My personal thought is that the location and circumstances of this baseball series are among the least important concerns I have and I’ve already spent more time reading and thinking about it than I care to. This is already on the front page and was linked yesterday, but here’s how to help Houston during this disaster.

Gerry Fraley notes that Joey Gallo is eligible to return from the disabled list today. I’m ready for Joey to come back and hit more dingers.

And finally, the Rangers announced that Martin Perez will be tonight’s starter in Tampa Bay against Houston, both Fraley and Jeff Wilson have you covered with articles.