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Yu Darvish thanks Rangers fans via full page ad

Darvish also had some words for the haters

Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Yu Darvish took to the Dallas Morning News to personally address you: Texas Rangers supporter.

Darvish wanted to give thanks to you and the organization for five and half years of life in the DFW and making his transition from Japan to American baseball a positive experience.

Because Darvish is a beautiful, special unicorn, his perfect message also included a note to his detractors in the media. The fact that Darvish got the last word, and made ‘em print it, makes me love him today even more than I did yesterday.

Thanks you very much for the past 5.5 years since 2012.

Coming from Japan, I could not have adjusted to the new environment if it weren't for all the courteous fans, teammates, team staff and all affiliates who supported me. It is my biggest regret that I gave up 10 runs on my last outing as a Ranger.

There were a small number of voices that said, "Darvish only cares about strikeouts." Although I may have had strikeouts in my mind, fans, team, teammates and team staff were always my top priority.

Thanks you very much for everything!

Please take care!

Yu Darvish

Go win a ring in LA and come back to us, Yu!