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Wednesday Morning Links


MLB: Texas Rangers at Houston Astros Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Neither the Rangers and Astros are wrong in the current hurricane imbroglio.

A petition has been started to force the Rangers to remove the Texas flag from their uniforms.

Whether Astros fans think we should remove the state flag patch from the Ranger uniforms north Texas athletes have donated quite a bit to hurricane relief.

Gerry Fraley has a minor league roundup.

Gallo returned to the lineup Tuesday after taking the required 7 days off post-concussion.

Tim Cowlishaw thinks Jon Daniels made the wrong decision about the Astros home series swap.

These are strange times, though.

Andrew Cashner will be facing off against Houston tonight, his hometown team.

Yanio Perez is one of 7 Rangers that will be playing in the Arizona Fall League.

Jeff Banister is one of the many shaken by Harvey.

Joey Gallo is glad to be back in the saddle.