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Week 18: the one with 13 more homers and one less ace

Texas Rangers v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Season record: 53-58

Week 18 Record: 3-4

Series Record: 14-18, 4 splits

Since it already feels like so long ago, in case you forgot, the week started with the trade deadline. The Rangers traded a catcher, a bullpen arm, and an ace, all within 24 hours. And while the first two didn’t hurt terribly, the last one felt like a punch in the gut.

Hard to believe it’s been seven days since Yu Darvish put on a Ranger uniform. It feels like longer but also feels like we just had him yesterday.

At least we can all take solace knowing that Yu is loved and appreciated with his new team, showered with run support and pitch framing.

I’d say on to happier the Rangers did hit 13 homers last week, so there’s that.

With Beltre hitting his 10th homer on Sunday, the Rangers now have nine players with 10 or more homers. That was their entire starting lineup on Sunday. Which is something I never thought I’d say with Elvis in the lineup.

I love Elvis. But I’ll be honest, at the beginning when Elvis was hitting homers more frequently and I was calling him a “power hitter” it was mostly in jest. I thought 10 would probably be his count by the end of the season.

Well here we are, August 7 and he has 15. We could very well see Elvis hit 20 homers and Gallo easily get 40 for the season. Wild.

the ump thought shit was going down for a second there
what do you think Gomez said to Banny?

last week in history, 24 years ago

p.s. forgot this one last week