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Friday Morning Link Bonanza!

Injuries, trades, call ups, offseason!

MLB: Texas Rangers at Houston Astros Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

First, as Adam noted in his article last night, the Rangers traded for Miguel Gonzalez from the White Sox for Ti’Quan Forbes. Jeff Wilson has the details on the Star-Telegram.

There was a game of baseball played yesterday where Joey Gallo got robbed and Adrian Beltre got hurt and all of us died a little inside.’s Levi Weaver has the recap and FWST’s Stefan Stevenson has some Rangers Reactions.

Speaking of Adrian Beltre getting hurt... it doesn’t sound good and we’ll hear more today when he has an MRI. Evan Grant details what this injury means for the Rangers (hint, it doesn’t mean good things).

Today is September 1st, so they’ll be call up for those on the 40 man roster but I didn’t any articles on the typical Rangers sites speculating on who will be called up. Here’s a link from with some overall potential call ups and we’ll hear more later today.

In the world of potential future Rangers, we’ve got a report from Gerry Fraley with various updates from the farm as well as an article that Rangers scouts were present for Shohei Otani’s return to the mound in the NPB.

Finally, Evan Grant has a piece discussing Joey Gallo and Aaron Judge and how you MIGHT think Joey’s a better hitter by the end of the year.