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Beltre, Middlebrooks start, Napoli sits today

The Rangers have Adrian Beltre DHing again tonight, and Will Middlebrooks playing third

Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Rangers begin a series in Anaheim tonight, and Adrian Beltre is in the lineup once again, playing DH. Mike Napoli, however, is not in the lineup, and from the quotes from the beat guys on Twitter, it sounds like he may be limited to a bench role the rest of the way due to his bad leg.

The lineup:

DeShields — CF

Choo — RF

Elvis — SS

Beltre — DH

Mazara — LF

Gallo — 1B

Middlebrooks — 3B

Odor — 2B

Nicholas — C

Nick Martinez is on the mound.