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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Celebrating Pudge Rodriguez and Adrian Beltre immortality since July 30, 2017

MLB: Texas Rangers at Los Angeles Angels Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

Adrian Beltre is up for MLB Personality Of The Year award which should be the biggest no-doubter in history but you have to go vote for him anyway.

Evan Grant writes that Adrian Beltre still believes that the Rangers can make the postseason because they still have an elimination number that hasn’t reached zero.

Stefan Stevenson plays the blame game by listing the players who sunk the 2017 season though he bizarrely ranks Martin Perez third most blameworthy ahead of Jonathan Lucroy and Mike Napoli.

T.R. Sullivan’s inbox was full of questions and so he took time out of charting moon cycles to answer them.

If you scroll down past all the crap about the Astros, David Schoenfield writes that Joey Gallo has proven that his game can translate to success in the big leagues.

Greg Johns previews tonight’s series opener between the Rangers and Mariners featuring Martin Perez vs Mike Leake which is a rematch of a game from last week that didn’t go so well for the Rangers.

And, lastly, apparently the sitcom Friends is a big English language teaching tool for young Latin ballplayers. I bet Hanser Alberto is totally a Phoebe.

Have a nice day!