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Rangers show off new Ballpark design

The Rangers gave a new design presentation on The House That Adrian Beltre Built

Meet the New Ballpark
Rangers presser

Texas Rangers new Ballpark design: The Rangers held a press conference today to announce what our new home in 2020 will look like. It’s time to meet The House That Adrian Beltre Built.

After designs from earlier this year gave off a rather distasteful Minute Maid eyeball feel, the Rangers showed off a new design today that, at the very least, seems unique.

While the folks behind the architecture and design spoke of “the fourth dimension” and showed off photos of old sheds as inspiration, I was more interested in if the joint looked like a nice place to watch a baseball game.

My early impression is the park sort of looks like a modern windowed retractable roof NFL stadium situated as a quaint ($1 billion dollar) MLB ballpark. How does that translate? Well, for a baseball park, it doesn’t look like anything we’ve seen and that’s a surprise coming from the Rangers.

It still has its own Texas-y flair with a shaded porch inspired entrance from the Texas Live! entertainment area and they kept the red brick for the concourse arches as we’d probably have seen North Texans riot if they didn’t.

Also, it kind of looks like a building you’d see in Jurassic Park.

All in all, while there’s some busyness to it — as there is for all retractable roof stadia — it looks different and different is cool.

Now, if only they showed us where they’re putting the large, waving Big Tex, we’d be set.