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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Celebrating Pudge Rodriguez and Adrian Beltre immortality since July 30, 2017

MLB: Texas Rangers at Oakland Athletics John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

Some dink recapped the Rangers’ 8-1 loss to the A’s which dropped them to 1-8 against the Athletics in Oakland this season.

Jeff Wilson reacts to the loss and the fact that the Rangers are now closer to last place in the AL West than they are a playoff spot.

T.R. Sullivan writes that the chances for reaching the postseason have all but vanished for Texas.

Evan Grant writes that the 2017 Rangers were the worst hitting team on the road by an American League team in the DH era, so, perhaps missing the playoffs shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Wilson wonders if 2018 will finally finally finally be the year for the mythical Martin Perez breakout season after Perez’s stellar second half (not counting getting torched by the A’s yesterday).

Wilson writes that though Joey Gallo broke the record for most strikeouts by a hitter in franchise history, the Rangers are happy with Gallo’s 2017 season.

Sullivan writes that Andrew Cashner is super intrigued by free agency which is large adult male speak for giddy that the smoke and mirrors success of his pillow contract with Texas means organizations will be throwing tens of millions at him to play a game for children in glorified pajamas.

Ahead of tonight’s Silver Boot finale series, Stefan Stevenson was forced to write one of those a dumb (Sorry, Stefan) what ifs pitting an all-time Rangers team vs an all-time Astros team.

Sullivan previews tonight’s opener in the final series between the Rangers and Astros this season with Cashner set to face Collin McHugh. The Silver Boot is on the line!

You can and should still vote for Adrian Beltre as Personality of the Year in the MLB dot com MLB Awards.

And, lastly, here’s a link from MLB Trade Rumors about the Rangers and Lorenzo Cain as I figure we might as well start packing up for our offseason home.

Have a nice day!