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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Celebrating Pudge Rodriguez and Adrian Beltre immortality since July 30, 2017

Houston Astros v Texas Rangers Photo by Brandon Wade/Getty Images

Good morning. Happy trails, Silver Boot.

Levi Weaver recaps the 11-2 loss to the Astros last night which saw Joey Gallo homer and Collin McHugh cowardly throw at Carlos Gomez, apparently.

John Henry writes that Gomez is tired of always being portrayed as the bad guy after getting word that McHugh intended to hit him.

Sam Butler writes that Andrew Cashner allowed one run, except that he allowed seven unearned runs, in a fourth inning that saw him finally foot the bill for a season’s worth of pitching karma.

Weaver spoke with Delino DeShields about the protests for equality that have taken over the NFL and spilled over into baseball recently.

Bruce Maxwell, who began kneeling during the recent series against the Rangers, had his first at-bat last night and the fans in Oakland reacted with a warm ovation.

Butler writes that A.J. Griffin has impressed the team as a member of the bullpen even though they still see him as a starter.

Henry writes that Austin Bibens-Dirkx is finishing up a surprising first season as a big league ball player and hopes the Rangers will have him back for a second.

Butler previews tonight’s game between Cole Hamels and Dallas Keuchel in what would be a fun matchup if tonight’s game meant anything at all.

And, lastly, please go vote for Adrian Beltre for MLB Personality of the Year. It’s the only thing left that the Rangers can win.

Have a nice day!