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Leody Taveras #3 in Baseball America South Atlantic League Top 20 prospect list

The Rangers placed outfielder Leody Taveras near the top of the Sally League top 20 list

MLB: Texas Rangers at Los Angeles Angels Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers placed one player, Leody Taveras, in the South Atlantic League top 20 prospect list that just came out from Baseball America.

Leody, a switch-hitting 18 year old center fielder, is widely considered the Rangers’ top prospect, and is generally seen as a consensus top 30-50 prospect in all of baseball. He trailed two other teenage outfielders from Latin America in the Sally League rankings — Sixto Sanchez of the Phillies and Estevan Florial of the Yankees. Taveras garners praise for his all-around game, and is a potential five-tool guy. The comparison that you most often see invoked when talking about Leody’s potential upside is Carlos Beltran.

The highest-ranked player for Hickory after Leody is probably pitcher Kyle Cody, a 2016 draft pick out of Kentucky who had a solid year and earned a late-season promotion to Down East. I think he would have a decent case for being included on this list, though so do several other players around the league who didn’t make the cut.